Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Assembling Hospital
On 4/4/15, I drempt I had several sections of a hospital in my hand that I was trying to assemble and figuring out how to. This dream came in sections, like sections of the hospital, as I was awaking in and out of this dream at night and being infused in my thinking of this by the Holy Spirit. 

I saw sections of the hospital being lifted and fitted in place by a crane. The sections had been under partial construction, as in the foundation and framing built, but the finishing work, yet to be accomplished. In this dream, I also had 2 filing cabinets of people assembled with much more to do to help assemble this hospital.


I finally fully awoke out of this dream and meditated on what this meant. This is God calling me to be part of assembling a hospital type ministry, to minister to people whose lives are going to be ravaged by the severe events to come. In this dream, I did not have the entirety of the hospital, but just had 4 or 5 sections of it to deal with. I was a coordinator of those sections to assemble them to minister to the people I had in my filing cabinets.

The constructed sections of the hospital are yet to be finished out and God is needing workers to make it ready. The foundations and framing has been assembled, but now he needs you and I to finish the job of assembling it, so the people coming can be given the life saving word and emergency resuscitation of the Holy Spirit to overcome and live! We are late to the work! We should have had the hospital finished out by now!

I awaking in and out of this dream is a picture of God trying to awaken us for becoming a fellow builder of this hospital he is wanting to assemble due to the devastation events to come, for a short TTOT, transitional time of trouble coming. This, like the 1st dream, The Prophetic Resistance, is the 2nd of this type of dream God has given me of how many people want to go back to sleep with the first wave of troubles coming, but God does not stop calling us and my re-dreaming of this hospital being assembled is his compelling us to fully awaken to see, there is an urgent and emergency alert type of work he wants to prepare us for, that he's calling us to.

God has a plan for what's to come to use us as doctors, nurses and coordinators in the Spirit, if we would believe, seek him and begin to ask what our part is for what's to come, but sadly, for many, because they are not preparing or believing the word of prophecy, that they instead of serving, will wind up becoming victims of what's to come because they are in the wrong state of mind, far too attached to this life and how things are and not in the state needed to be a minister to the people for what's to come.

There will be a TTOT, a short transitional time of trouble to come to reap massive harvest for the kingdom, but then the work in the US will be over from the ravages of WW3 coming. We can be as a hospital to those lost and sick of sin, or we can be a victim because we are unprepared and being a fool like many are, in this present smooth ponzi economy. Once the cash cow is struck, then begins the separation. How will you respond, by trying to save your life, or trying to give your life away in that TTOT. If you are unprepared, you will not be ready for the TTOT.

This TTOT coming up will be the last surge of work in Christ for public ministry in the US before WW3. It may only last a year or two before it's time to leave or hunker down and hide, for WW3 and its effects will kill more than 70 million Americans. Time is almost up America. God wants to know. Who will you be, a servant of the divine hospital he's assembling or a disney minded fool of this present state?

He is assembling a hospital, but too many churches are assembling for a picnic.
Can you hear the urgent, emergency call to assemble for HIS purpose?

In Christ, Weather